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Web security

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Software Development Kit

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Technical features

Server & databse


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Timeline of Project Ning

  • October 2015

    App US

    My girlfriend Cyan was trying to create an iOS app with me using Parse as server.

  • January 2016

    Parse announced for closing

    Parse service will be fully retired in one year. All the existing databases on parse have to be moved to somewhere else.

  • February 2016

    Ideas about creating our own server

    The idea came out to host a server on a desktop running 7-24 in my home. The server uses free frameworks like Java, Postgres and Tomcat to make things happen. Although the server is not running that fast now, the project can be easily moved to real server machines.

  • After the idea


    The server is currently being built and pushlied on GitHub. The outline of SDK will be soon implemented and published.

  • Coming soon!


Fangming Ning

Programmer & Designer

Cyan Xie



Everything on GitHub

Server download

Repository on GitHub. All the server code is uploaded. Xml configuration files are hidden because they contain login info to my database server.

iOS SDK download

SDK project in folder called PNService. The repository also contains a sample app that works with SDK

Android SDK download

Coming soon.

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